Graduate Recruitment Conference & Awards
Deadline for Entries extended to 16th December
The 2015 SoMe Conference & Awards audience is warmly welcomed by Mike Roberts Who here knows that feeling? Immediately, the first of many grabs, tweets, captures Boddingtons, of course Questions from the floor were bountiful and weird RMP remind us about Content and Kinky Hi-fi and lo-fi Handwriting Vicki Spindler, Graduate Programme Manager, Tesco David Rivel, CEO, PathMotion Andy Campbell, Oracle HCM Cloud Thanks for the Wi-Fi password, many would be in re-hab without it Ula Dolska, University Staffing Consultant at Microsoft Sarah Murray, Graduate Recruitment Specialist at Allen & Overy LLP Daniel Richard, UK MD, Sonru Adam Gretton, Sonru Jo Denye, Marketing Manager at Teach First. Rob Farace, NHS Leadership Academy Rob Farace, NHS Leadership Academy Gotta love Windows. Anyone here from Microsoft? Oh, yes. Ooops. Vicki Spindler, Graduate Programme Manager, Tesco Andy Campbell, Oracle HCM Cloud Andy Hyatt, Founder & Digital Strategist, BTMH Ltd Interesting.. Andy Hyatt, Founder & Digital Strategist, BTMH Ltd SoMe Awards 2015 Karen Bradley Jo Denye, Marketing Manager, Teach First with Stephen Isherwood, Chief Executive of the AGR Jo Denye, Marketing Manager, Teach First and Lizzie Brock, RMP Emma Britton from Citi with Nick Francis, Casual Fims Paul Turner from AIA with Josh Riches, Ula Dolska and Denial Oates from Microsoft

The Judging Process

The awards are in two categories:

Student Voting

The specific sector awards will be voted on by students through bespoke research for this year's conference. Students will be asked to nominate from the research (and unbeknown to them), the executions they believe are the best of this year's campaigns. Short-lists of the various sectors will be announced prior to the awards evening, with the actual winner being revealed on the night of the ceremony.

The Scoring Criteria

Judges were asked to independently review the entries before allocating scores out of ten for each of the four categories: creativity, relevance, metrics and integration. Where appropriate judges also looked at related sites and related work on mobile and tablets. The scores were then averaged out for each category to eradicate any bias, which left a possible score of 40 for each entry. Full scores were supplied in a supporting XLS.

Where a judge had a vested interest in any particular entry, or where their involvement meant that they would have potentially biased the outcome, they were asked not to provide commentary on the other entries, or scores for their own entry. No weighting was assigned to the categories.

  • Creativity: does the work look good, is the use of the channel innovative, is the design in line with the company brand values or does it push them?
  • Relevance: is there a strategy behind the idea? How much research and investigation had been carried out in the identification of the channel and creative as appropriate for the target audience
  • Metrics: do the results support the strategic idea? For those where data is limited, do the metrics provided indicate that the strategy is correct?
  • Integration: is this a standalone activity, with a separate design/identity/approach or is this integrated across all channels.

The scores were used to identify a clear shortlist, after which there was a focused debate about the merits of each entry we were particular careful to ensure that those entries that did not yet have the metrics to support their entry were not put at a disadvantage, nor to pay an undue focus to those entries that were deemed to be creative, without evidence to support a reason for that creativity. Judges were then asked to vote for their preferred winner. The Grand Prix was chosen from the winners of each category and, where relevant, any work that was deemed comparably good enough to be shortlisted.

The Judging Panel

The general, cross-sector awards was judged by a panel of industry experts from the graduate recruitment and social media communities. This group will be made up of senior graduate recruiters, experienced recruitment agency professionals and leading social media figures.

Next year's panel to be confirmed soon - watch this space!

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